19 Reasons Purdue is the Worst School in the Big Ten (Courtesy of IU)

No intro necessary. (written by IU student-writer Claire Hitchins)


1. They have an ugly campus.

2. West Lafayette smells bad.

3. Their colors suck (I’m sorry, try to find a gold shirt…doesn’t work. Everyone ends up wearing black to the games. BORING!)

4. Their “Boiler Up” song is really embarrassing.

5. Their food courts might be better than IU’s but that means more of the freshman 15.

6. Grand Prix pales in comparison to Little Five (can they not find at least a marginally athletic alternative to the Best College Weekend in America?)

7. IU’s pregames are Purdue’s parties.

8. They chant “IU Sucks” at every game, whether or not they’re playing IU. Proof that they’re the jealous little brother.

9. Their squirrels are not as happy and fat as IU squirrels.

10. They have 7:30 am classes.

11. They only have 4 national championships (IU has 24)

12. Purdue funded the plane that flew Amelia Earhart to her death.

13. Their basketball coaches don’t throw chairs.

14. Purdue Pete is just plain creepy.

15. They have a train that travels around their campus like one of the kiddie trains at the mall.

16. Their dorm rooms are tiny.

17. They’re not one of the top party schools in the U.S.

18. They drink McCormick’s vodka (we all know Karkov is where it’s at)

19. Do they even have a bar scene?

Written by Claire Hitchins, a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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