Greek Life: The Perks of Being Middle Tier

Although most people claim that top tier fraternities and sororities are the best of the best in Greek life, I’d like to take a moment to challenge that. Although I love top tier houses, I think they’re given way more credit than they sometimes deserve. The middle tier is underrated and here’s why.


The parties are still fun. Since they’re in the middle, they also tend to have friends that are in the top, middle, and bottom tiers, so you’re going to get a bigger range of people there. Plus, whether or not it’s some huge rager, you’re just as likely to have fun because people can hold an actual conversation outside of Greek life and drinking. I love a nice, raging party as much as the next gal, but not every single party has to be huge for it to be fun. Everyone here knows how to socialize whether or not they’re wasted because some of their parties end up being more small and chill anyway. The middle tier is the happy medium of Greek life because they’re just that—in the middle.


There are still plenty of hot guys and girls to choose from. Honestly, not everyone in top tier houses is the most attractive anyway—that’s just the assumption. Plus, the super hot people in middle tier houses have about half the ego. In addition to that, the guys in middle tier houses don’t have the same attitudes and expectations about girls—they’re WAY more likely to treat you the way any girl would love to be treated. Girls aren’t just handed to these guys because of the house they’re in, so they actually have to have game and act relatively more like gentlemen. Whether or not a girl is in a “good” house or a house at all, these guys don’t care as much about upholding their egos to their brothers.


Overall, the guys AND the girls are more chill. They’re way less reputation obsessed and are down to do whatever. The people you’re hanging out with are fun and aren’t sitting there judging you over what you may or may not have joined, and the first question you’re asked before anyone knows your name is not what house you’re in. In addition to that, the girls in middle tier houses seem to have less drama and don’t expect each other to always be wearing makeup even when they’re hitting up the gym.

My point is really that the middle tier should get a little more recognition. It’s just a more chill way to do Greek life and that’s perfect for a lot of the people who like it that way. No matter what house you join, it’s going to be fun, so you might as well choose it based upon whatever house you like, rather than its reputation.

Claire Hitchins is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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