Counting Down The Days ‘Til Spring: Surviving The Darty

It’s cold out, but it’s never too early to familiarize yourself with he ultimate survival guide. Who’s ready for spring?


1. Day party
2. An event during which college students often blackout before noon and participate in ridiculous behavior, oftentimes passing out before midnight


1. To wake up at the crack of dawn for an occasion that calls for it (ie- Little 500, St. Patty’s Day, spring break, tailgates) and partake in shenanigans that cannot hide their shame behind nighttime
2. The act of blacking out in a frat tank and high waisted shorts


All of the students at a Big Ten school will have encounters with these delightful occasions prior to graduation, and if you already have, you know that they tend to be a challenge. Something about partying in the daylight makes dartying feel like a marathon, but there are ways to make it from darty to narty. Plus you’ll never be as motivated to wake up before the sunrises as you will before a darty, so make sure you get everything you possibly can out of this day.

Rise n shine!
Now to begin your day, make sure you eat breakfast. I don’t care who you are and how excellent you think you are at rallying, if you don’t eat you’ll be passed out before noon. AM crunchwraps make for excellent pre-darty meals if you’re not fortunate enough to go to IU and have Bloomington Bagel.


Get ready.
Wearing comfortable clothes is also a must. Frat tanks and converse are both very comfortable and socially acceptable. Throw on some tall socks and a fanny pack and you’re ready for the day.


Drink up.
During the day, chasers like orange juice or emergen-c are really great because they make you feel healthy enough to conquer the feat that lies ahead of you. I’d like to think that my liver isn’t really that angry if I treat the rest of my body to some good ole vitamin c while I’m abusing it. In general, drink something you actually enjoy because you’re making a commitment to it for the day. Think about it this way though—a darty is the perfect time for you to drink girly drinks (see also: Mike’s Hard, Jell-O Shots, “Freedom Juice”) without being given a hard time for it. Take full advantage, just keep in mind that mixing is going to make it that much harder to rally, so remember the tried and true motto: beer before liquor, never been sicker.

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The Actual Darty.
Congrats, you’ve made it into phase one of the party. There’s not much to say about this because it should hopefully be a blur that you hear stories about tomorrow. If there are things such as slip n slides and pools (that are probably STD ridden), definitely opt in. My favorite tailgate was the day after a huge thunderstorm, so there were mudslides, as well as a lot of drinking tickets, at the fields.


The Crucial Nap
Making it through the darty has one important step that’s easy to forget when you’re having a good time: the nap. There is nothing like a post-darty, pre-narty nap. Pass out somewhere comfortable and convenient enough for you to get up and keep going into the night—a frat couch has never seemed so comfortable. Just make sure you set about fifteen alarms.

The Narty
Hello, phase two! Time to get reckless. Enjoy your temporary ability to get drunk after 1-2 shots. You have officially made it through the day that you’ll be bragging about forever (or, at least until the next darty).

Claire Hitchins is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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