For the GDIs: A Rebuttal to “7 Reasons Why Dating a Sorority Girl is Better”

GDIs are the new black.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a few articles pop up about “Why Dating Sorority Girls is Better.” Alright, fine, if you’re going to say you’re “better” than someone for joining a campus organization, at least give me some good reasons. Greeks and geeds alike are heavily involved on campus. We like football and basketball seasons too! Plenty of geeds are also just as intelligent—dare I say sometimes more—than plenty of sorority girls, and we do it purely for ourselves, not for an academic standard. Also, this may come as a shock, but we are great at partying AND crafting. In addition, our friends tend to still be attractive. Don’t let those silly rumors fool you, we’re just as good at looking cute, having fun, being student leaders, and getting good grades. So here are a few qualities geeds possess that make us dateable that many sorority girls can’t claim.

• We have our own rooms, with our own beds that are larger than a twin size

• We also have to share bathrooms with a max of one other person

• You don’t have to wear flip flops in our showers

• We get involved purely because we want to, not by any obligation to our house

• We’re allowed to spend the night with you and don’t always have to go over to your place

• We wear more than just our letters

• There’s way less drama, despite what sorority girls claim over and over again

• 100 other people aren’t in charge of determining our worth

• You know the choices we make don’t have to go through 100 other girls

• You don’t have to worry about having possibly already hooked up with one of our 100 sisters

• We have our own kitchen and can cook for you

• We like you for you and not your letters

• Even though we’re not in houses, we tend to also know the ins and outs of Greek functions

• We’re more likely to leave our comfort zones because we don’t live in the Greek bubble

• We don’t get jealous of other sororities and can be friends with those girls too

• We can be independent

• Breakup drama involves significantly fewer people and doesn’t mean 100 other girls are off-limits too

• You can still bring us home to mom

• We don’t have a big watching over our every move

• We’re used to living on our own and are good at taking care of ourselves

• Our friends are our friends because we took the time to get to know them

Notice that I’m not saying GDIs are better than sorority girls, we just have different qualities to offer. Just because we didn’t choose to join a house doesn’t make us any less intelligent, philanthropic, fun, or pretty. So next time you hear those silly rumors, think twice!

Claire Hitchins is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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