43 Reasons Why Penn State is the Best School in the Nation

1. We are in the happiest of valleys.

2. Not only do we know how to party– we also know how to educate.

3. Penn State Wrestling.

4. The GDIs are just as great as any frat stars.

5. We have Order Up and let’s be real nothing is much better than getting Champs perogies or Faccia Luna pizza right to your door on a Sunday night.

6. Joe Pa has the most wins of any college coach. #409

7. Free tuition if hit by the Cata Bus…don’t try it-but yes this is true.

8. A club for everything… Literally everything… Want to go caving? Join the caving team. Want to knit? Join the knitting club.

9. We create our own holidays (State Patty’s Day).


10. There is a reason to have a Formal for just about anything.

11. Students from all over the world.

12. Old Main Lawn in the warm weather.

13. We don’t take themed parties lightly.

14. We love to Yik Yak.

15. Blue Sapphire is the bomb.com

16. Touchdown?! No! More like cute girls being flown in the air!


17. Everything is walking distance and if you don’t feel like walking, we have a BLUE loop and a WHITE loop. Feeling ambitious? Try the RED or GREEN link.

18. Halloweekend.

19. We love our Lionettes.

20. Philanthropy is HUGE no matter what organization you are in.

21. The Arboretum. Want some quiet time to yourself? Sit on a bench at the arboretum. Want to impress a cute date? End the night with a stroll at The Arboretum.

22. Berkey Creamery (Death By Chocolate)

23. Our football games aren’t just games, they are weekend long celebrations.


24. We offer more than 160 majors… ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY

25. More inventions come out of Penn State that I can even begin to mention.  We are smart here at Penn State.

26. Nittany Lion shrine pictures.

27. When visitors come for the weekend, they will always leave saying, “that was the best weekend of my life”.

28. The locals are pleasant/welcoming and the townies are dimes.

29. We experience all four seasons throughout the year to a FULL extent.

30. The best concerts come here with student ticket prices to make it even better.

31. Extensive amounts of cool and cozy spots to study on campus.

32. We have the best alumni connections in the nation.

33. No matter where you are if you yell “We Are” someone will scream… “PENN STATE”

34. Saturdays are full of handsome men in blue and white in the fall and throwback jerseys in the spring.

35. McDonald’s and Taco Bell are within the same few blocks from one another.

36. We are…smart. Come for a good time but come for an education and by senior year you will be leaving with a Penn State degree and likely a successful job lined up.

37. We have the friendliest/scariest squirrels and rabbits in the nation.

38. Fourth Fest. FOURTH OF JULY IS THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER (Especially in Happy Valley)

39. For all the basics, plenty Starbucks to fuel the late nights and early mornings.

40. Beaver Stadium.

41. Summer session and Arts Fest.

42. We have Russ Rose and 7 time National Champion Women’s Volleyball Team

43. Largest student run philanthropy in the world. We raised:$13,343,517.33 in 2014 #FTK


We are…Penn State.

Emily Chertow is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Penn State University.

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