25 Things Every Girl In The Jewish Greek Community Wants You To Know

j1. We have a tier system of our own. Sometimes it’s even more important to us.

2. We’re all either related or we’ve hooked up with each other.

3. We can play Jewish geography with anyone of any year at any university… and succeed.

4. No, not everyone in my house is Jewish and no, they do not feel uncomfortable living with us.

5. Having Christmas lights on our house is not against our religion.

6. There’s also a Jewish non-Greek community and we still all know each other.

7. Don’t take it personally if we leave your pair early in the night and go to AEPi. It’s not you, it’s us.

8. Our house cooks don’t serve ham not because it isn’t kosher, but because it’s disgusting.

9. When the temperature drops below 40, we are aware that we all look like carbon copies of each other. There is nothing on this planet warmer than a North Face knee length down jacket and Ugg boots.

10. Ask me if this is from Plato’s Closet. I dare you.

11. Hell hath no fury like a Jewish girl craving froyo.

12. I’m more likely to chug grape Karkov than miss my favorite yoga or spinning class.

13. Sushi is in our blood and we travel in packs to it.

14. If you must know… yes, our mothers would like us to spend a little more time at either ZBT, Sammy, or AEPi, but honestly the goys are fair game, too.

15. We know where all the good bagel joints are.

16. There is a 96.2% chance all of our dads work in finance/medicine/law and our future husband is currently majoring in it.

17. We don’t understand how people don’t like going to camp… even when you’re 20 years old.

18. What do you mean you didn’t go abroad?

19. Every color of Essie/OPI nail polish can be found in one of our houses.

20. You can only call us Jappy if you are.

21. We’re really good at wearing black regardless of the theme to a party

22. Two words that we love to hear: diet coke, Rebecca Minkov, crop tops, Israeli solider.

23. Don’t talk to us before break the fast on Yom Kippur. Actually, if we’re in-state then our moms probably made us come home, so you won’t see us anyways.

24. Our clothes are either extremely loose or extremely tight.

25. We don’t mess with water. Have you ever heard of a Jew-fro? That struggle is real.

Jennifer Kahn is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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