The 5 Best College St. Patrick’s Day Parties In The Country

One of my favorite holidays is finally here.

Last weekend, Penn State celebrated the epic State Patty’s Day – you can check out our recap right here. This weekend, the shit-show known as “Unofficial” takes place at Illinois (make sure you DM you best photos on Instagram, @10_Worthy).

We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the 5 best St. Patty’s Day college parties in the country.

5. St. Pat’s 5 Points – South Carolina


4. St. Patrick’s Day – West Virginia


3. St. Patrick’s Day – University of Dayton


2. State Patty’s Day – Penn State


1. Unofficial – University of Illinois


‘Unofficial’ is the phrase commonly used to describe the Friday prior to St. Patrick’s Day at The University of Illinois. The holiday began when students realized St. Patrick’s Day was falling on spring break and they would not be able to celebrate it. The day is marked by bars opening at 8 in the morning, kegs on front lawns, students from nearly all surrounding schools flooding the campus to celebrate by drinking obscene amounts of alcohol. It has been said that more drinking occurs on Unofficial at U of I than occurs at many other school’s entire years. (UD)

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