The 7 Best Party Traditions in the Big Ten

Spring is finally here. Day drinking. Lots of it.

We wanted to give you a little something to look forward to. Whether it be a daylong at Penn State, or Little 500 at IU, it’s time to look forward to some events while also ranking the 7 best “party” traditions the Big Ten sees every year.

7. Purdue – Breakfast Club/Grand Prix


Breakfast Club:

For home football games, bars open early, like 7am early, and students dress up as if it’s Halloween. People start dropping early enough to go back out in the evening, if they’re true warriors.

Grand Prix:

The Purdue Grand Prix is a go-kart race held annually on Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus since 1958. A primary function of the event is to raise money for scholarships for Purdue students under the aegis of the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation and its motto, “Students Helping Students.”

* There’s also a week full of drinking leading up to it.

6. Penn State – Daylongs


Any party taking place during the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at which Penn State students rage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Wednesday, a Friday or a Sunday. As long as the weather reaches 60 degrees and a few rays of sun peek through the State College cloud cover, it’s game on, all ‘day long.’ (via Valley Mag)

5. Michigan – Mud Bowl


Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UMICH takes to the front of their fraternity house to challenge others in the Greek system to a game of football – and it gets crazy.

4. Ohio State – Mirror Lake Jump


Students jump into the lake on campus around midnight on the Tuesday night prior to the annual football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines. There’s a lot of ‘Muck Fichigan’ going on, interesting outfits, and overall insanity that takes place.

3. Illinois – Unofficial


‘Unofficial’ is the phrase commonly used to describe the Friday prior to St. Patrick’s day at The University of Illinois. The holiday began when students realized St. Patrick’s Day was falling on spring break and they would not be able to celebrate it. The day is marked by bars opening at 8am, kegs on front lawns, students from nearly all surrounding schools flooding the campus to celebrate by drinking obscene amounts of alcohol. It has been said that more drinking occurs on Unofficial at U of I than occurs at many other school’s entire years. (via Urban Dictionary)

2. Iowa – Just Iowa, in general…


1. IU – Little 500


The greatest college week there is. A campus of 40,000+ students celebrate a seemingly ordinary bike race by engaging in a week of mind-blowing, wasted beyond your wildest dreams, non-stop parties. Class shuts down and drunken students stumble from bar to bar, frat to frat, street to street, drinking everything in sight and no amount of alcohol poisoning can stop them. It’s more than acceptable to start drinking the moment you awake and Slip ‘N Slides, mud wrestling, beer pong, rap concerts, and power hours are a daily occurrence. The Greatest College Week in America. (via UD)

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