The 3 Most Beautiful Big Ten Campuses

How good does it feel to hit 60 degrees on the reg?

Spring is finally here. All the dead stuff is blooming, coming back, our squirrels are runnin’ wild. Some of the Big Ten schools have some pretty awesome Instagram accounts – ones that really show off the beauty of the campus this time of year, and all year, for that matter.

We’ve also received a ton of photos on Instagram that showcase campuses, as well as visited them ourselves. It was time to give some props to these schools. Here are your 3 Most Beautiful Big Ten Campuses.

(*click on school name to see Instagram page)

3. University of Michigan

campus-0006 campus-0007 campus-0008 campus-00092. UW-Madison

campus-0010 campus-0011 campus-0012 campus-0013 campus-00141. Indiana University

campus-0000 campus-0001 campus-0002 campus-0003 campus-0004 campus-0005

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