The Little 500 & Why You Should Attend the Race

Many have heard of the Little 500, or Little 5, but few truly understand it.

The actual event is the largest collegiate bike race in the nation, and it happens to be awesome. There are two races—one for men and one for women—and this year they will be taking place on April 24-5. So now that you have a little background on things, let’s move to why you should go.

iuThis week might be known for its sheer amount of partying, but riders train year-round in order to quality and compete in the race. Heard about quals? Of course you have. Everyone in Bloomington wakes up ridiculously early to prepare themselves—whether that be booze or bikes—to cheer their teams on. The top 33 teams with the best times are then able to ride in The World’s Greatest College Wekend—Little 500.

Venture over to Bill Armstrong Stadium with the hoards of IU students and you’ll find concessions, the infamous Pizza X van, fraternities, sororities, and tons of alumni. The entire IU community is brought together by this one event, which is complete with parachuters during the national anthem, pace cars, and a huge balloon release. It’s also broadcast on Mark Cuban’s TV station, AXS TV.

I strongly encourage all IU students to take advantage of Little 5. No true Hoosier misses out. Partake in all the festivities and be sure to come see what all the hype is behind this “little” bike race.

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