10 Things That Always Happen During Little 500

The legendary Little 500 takes place in Bloomington, Indiana every April. As all Hoosiers know, Little 500 week is not really about the bike race, it’s about partying…HARD. An alumnus wrote this piece based on his Little 500 experiences…

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Author: Clay Manley

10. Teachers Cancel Class … For A Week

Teachers cancel class all the time at big universities. Seriously, I had a teacher cancel class every Friday after I saw him at the bars celebrating thirsty Thursday. What makes Little 500 special is teachers cancel class for the entire week. I kid you not. During my freshman year at Indiana University, a professor canceled class for the entire Little 500 week because “you all will be too drunk to come in.” I was 18 and he was correct.

9. Campus Population Quadruples

Although some consider this an urban legend, I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. Little 500 week proves Indiana’s dominance over the college party scene by collecting visitors from every campus; Purdue students drop their hate for IU and come attempt to party, the cool kids at Notre Dame leave South Bend for their first alcoholic beverage, and Wisconsin’s Halloween has nothing on Little 500. You get the idea.

8. Music’s Biggest Names Come To Party … and Perform

How often do you see artists like Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne and Yellowcard party at a frat all day, then perform in the backyard of the house? At Little 500, this fantasy becomes a reality. My Junior Year, DMX performed At a frat. He literally had the entire crowd share a bottle of Hennessy with him while chanting “sip and pass”. The cops ended up shutting it down and pepper-sprayed us all. It was the best Tuesday ever. True story.

7. Sex Happens Everywhere

Frat guys get laid, GDIs get laid and losers get laid. I know that sums up college, but during Little 500 people get laid in awesome places. Sports Patio, the stacks at Herman B. Wells Library and Showalter Fountain are just a few of the popular places. Public sex becomes common, acceptable and highly encouraged. I once saw a guy pee in a trash can at Kilroy’s, I’m pretty sure he then got laid.

6. Drinking Events Only Seen In Movies Become Reality

Every college campus has power hours, dizzy bats and several variations of beer pong. Little 500 has morning slip n’ slides, pudding wrestling, beer olympics and boat parties. That doesn’t even include the crazy shit frats are hosting. Picture ‘Old School’, ‘Project X’ and ‘Kid Cannabis’ — on steroids.

5. Cops Turn The Other Cheek

This is a true story from the Indiana Daily Student: “One person, the department said, was taken to IU Health Bloomington Hospital after a test showed a 0.29 blood-alcohol content. Police say he opened the door of an unmarked police SUV that was stopped at a traffic light at College and Kirkwood avenues and got in the back seat. He reportedly told police he thought it was a taxi.” Only one person got arrested, and it was by choice!

4. Hairy Bears Happen

A Hairy Bear is a drink you get at Bear’s In Bloomington. It contains six shots. Simply put, it gets the job done. Naturally, you’ve been drinking all day during Little 500. You and your crew hit Bear’s. You pound your Hairy Bear, because it’s Little 500 and you’re in college. You wake up from your drunken coma in a stranger’s sombrero and green glasses … smiling. That’s how it’s done.

3. Pro Athletes Flock To Bloomington

It’s NBA Playoff time and the ballers who didn’t make it aren’t watching from home. Instead, they’re watching at Nick’s, Sports and Kilroy’s while partying with students. You’ll see alumni who turned pro like Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller, but you’ll also see just about every pro athlete who grew up in Indiana. I’m looking at you, Greg Oden. You’re too tall to miss.

2. Boat Parties

10 miles outside of Bloomington, Lake Monroe becomes the host of some of the best parties of the year. That’s right, college kids rent boats. It’s legal, it’s April and the booze is flowing. Let’s be honest, that’s all that matters. Check out local legend Clayton Anderson’s music video above for further proof.

1. There Is A Bike Race

The Little 500 bike race actually happens. Many are too hungover to attend, while others start pre-gaming at 3 a.m. Hey, it’s the reason everyone’s partying. Thank you for existing, Little 500.

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