6 Reasons to Date the 10Worthy Girl

1. She’s Gorgeous

If she’s on 10Worthy she is most likely a head turner. Why wouldn’t you want your friends and every other guy that sees you together envious of you. You don’t pass up a beautiful girl if they’re into unless they’re crazy. Good thing 10Worthy girls aren’t crazy. We’ll leave that to the SEC.


2. She’s Probably in a Sorority

Let’s think about quickly, If she is on 10Worthy she is probably being featured from her sorority’s tumblr page or what not. All in all sorority girls do it better for the most part. They’re philanthropic, fun loving, responsible and accountable. All 10Worthy qualities you search for in a girl.

3. She’s Wild, in a Good Way

If that beautiful young lady you can’t get enough of is in a sorority she loves the social aspect of college just as much as the academic side. If she can hang with your bros at a party then she is already earning big points. Let’s be honest too, she probably parties harder than some of your friends too.


4. Loves the Big Ten

She goes to school in the Big Ten, the best conference in the NCAA. Any girl that chose to go to school in this conference is already better than all the rest. They’re tough as nails. The Big Ten is not known for having the most spectacular weather. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time but she chose to tough it out for her school anyways. Any girl that voluntarily participates in those struggles loves her school and her conference.

5. She is Passionate about her School

The Big Ten has some of the most die hard fans in the nation. Now, we know some of the schools in our conference aren’t the best at sports but it takes a real fan girl to stick around and love your team and school through a tough season.FullSizeRender_2

6. You’d Take Her Home to Mom

If the girl of your dreams holds all of the qualities listed above then hell, you might as well wife her up because you are not going to find much better. If you bring her home and Mom approves she is most definitely 10Worthy material.

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