10 Things You Should Do Over the Summer Before You Graduate

1. Take an impromptu road trip with your friends.

6c054e60a0719d5707194c30caf9c30dThere are probably very few, if any, more times you’ll be able to do something like this once you and your friends graduate. Plan something out and just go. Stop at one of those attractions like the world’s largest golf tee (I promise this is a real thing). Consider even looking up places to camp out. Take this opportunity to truly bond with your college friends like it’s freshman year all over again.

2. Look into the summer events going on in your town

Or the closest city to you… There are tons of events every summer hosted by nearby places that you should check out, like drive-in movies, beer festivals, and local, free concerts. Grab a group of your friends and just find out what your city truly has to offer.

3. Plan a bar crawl

You’re familiar with the bar crawls in your college town, but why not do one where you grew up? Make sure to hit up all the bars that you’re familiar with from growing up. Could be interesting who you run into.

4. Go on a float trip

Probably invest in a waterproof phone case for this. Plan the day with your friends to take a float trip, pack snacks and a cooler and just enjoy chilling on the water.

5. Go to a baseball game

This one belongs on any summer to-do list. Get cheap tickets to a baseball game, whether it’s minor or major league, and get beer and dogs with your friends. Can’t consider it summer until you’ve done this.

6. Go to an art festival

I don’t know what it is about summer, but I feel like there’s some sort of art festival every weekend. Check one out, there’s always beer and wine and some of the stuff is actually pretty cool. Plus without fail, it’s good people watching.

7. Train for a half-marathon

Or a 5K…or a marathon if you actually partake in running. Find an event towards the end of the summer and make a plan to get yourself there.

8. Play hooky on a rainy day

Skip work, call up your friends, and just spend the day inside watching movies. Pretend like it’s those old sleepovers you used to have, make popcorn, eat an unreasonable amount of candy and just enjoy each other’s stories and secrets. Pull out your old board games, play truth or dare, make a blanket fort, and pretend like you’re all kids again.

9. Rent a boat

One of your friends is bound to have a boating license. Rent boats for a day and make sure to pack a cooler. Invite people you might not normally mix together and bond over booze, boats and bronzing.

10. Volunteer somewhere

Check out places locally or even travel abroad, but spend part of your summer volunteering. Not only will you be giving back, but you’ll also learn a lot about yourself. There are tons of opportunities to do really cool things for your community if you just do a simple google search.

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