PSU Removes Kappa Delta Rho After Members Took Photos Of Nude Unconcious Girls

Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho has officially lost recognition with the school after an investigation back in March concluded there were a lot of messed up activities taking place at the house. 

The Daily Collegian went on to explain:

Penn State’s chapter of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity will not be recognized on the University Park campus for three years following an investigation into the fraternity that discovered sexual harassment and misconduct as well as hazing.

University officials cited “a persistent series of deeply troubling activities” as the reason for the removal, according to a press release issued by Penn State News.

In March, an investigation by State College Police discovered two private Facebook pages allegedly run by Kappa Delta Rho members that included photos of nude, unconscious women as well as evidence of drug sales and hazing. The fraternity was immediately suspended and investigations by both the State College Police Department and Penn State began.

Penn State’s investigation concluded some of the Kappa Delta Rho members had “over the course of time engaged in sexual harassment and misconduct” as well as hazing activities.

These activities included forcing pledges to create stories containing pornographic images and a “sex position of the day,” run errands, clean the fraternity house, participate in boxing matches and plank with bottle caps on their elbows, meaning to “hold up their body weight on their arms with bottle caps placed underneath,” according to the release.

h/t The Daily Collegian

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