The 3 Rules Of Having The Perfect Beer Pong Partner

Beer Pong has been the signature party game in college and has been for decades. It is THE drinking game.

Everyone has played Beer Pong at some point and if you haven’t then you should reevaluate your college experience thus far. Now, this magnificent spectacle of a game requires two people per team. This means if you are the best Pong slinger in all the land you could lose due to that half asleep drunk guy you found sitting on the couch.

beer-pong-23That being said if you want to be an elite Pong player you’re going to want to find the perfect partner. There are three simple rules when it comes to your Pong partner.

1. Once partners always partners

Rule number one simply states that once you have come to a mutual agreement that this partnership works for the both of you, neither of you can play without the other.

2. Win together lose together

Once you have found your Pong partner there is no turning back. A Pong team is just like any other team. The team doesn’t call it quits after one poor game. There is always room for improvement. Take a look at the film and regroup.

3. Don’t cheat on your Pong Partner

If your partner is unable to make it to the party for some reason there is no Pong to be played. You can’t jinx anything especially if you are on a win streak. That’s just bad juju. Think of it as a bye week.

Now picking your partner is critical. Usually you’ll want to pick one of your friends. You’re already comfortable with them and you have most likely played a game with them once or twice. You should have chemistry with your partner. Know when they’re having a bad game or when they’re really heating up. Chemistry will allow your team to thrive. If your partner isn’t having the best game you don’t get upset. Just take control and put the team on your back.

You’re aware that they’re an all star Pong player but just having an off day. You also have to figure out what kind of Pong partner yours is. There are the Pong players that can only play after a few drinks otherwise they’re garbage. There are the players that get worse as they have more drinks. Then there are the MVP’s. These are the Pong players you want. They do it all effortlessly leaving the spectators in awe. They start off playing well and they finish strong. They are the clutch players sinking the last cup or the redemption cup when need be. They’re the ones that hit the behind the back shots and pull out that ball spinning around the cup.

The pullout game must be strong. A team of two MVPs can’t be stopped. There is no chance beating them due to the fact that they will always get balls back leaving the other team without a shot. Think about what kind of Pong player you are and what you want your team to accomplish. Pong Responsibly.

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