A Thank You to the Most Important Man in a Daughter’s Life

Mother’s day has passed and father’s day is just around the corner. Like they say, ladies first.

Father’s day is a special day to give your dad that extra bear hug and “thank you”.

I believe everyday is a day to thank your father because for me he is the man that shaped me to be the beautiful young lady I am today.

My dad is my role model, inspiration and best friend.

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Thank you for pushing me to accelerate above and beyond in everything I do.

Thank you for scaring guys. As much as it sucks sometimes, I know that the ones that don’t run away from you are the ones to keep around.

Thanks for your gassy toosh at the dinner table.

Thanks for letting me steal all of your vintage and oversized shirts and clothing.

Thanks for giving me lighter spankings then mom when I was little.

Thank you for squeezing my hand quickly three times and me knowing that that’s you saying “I love you”.

Thank you for taking a picture of the family with you every time you travel.

Thank you for providing for us.

Thank you for spoiling me.

Thank you for letting things never get to my head.

Thank you for saying “love you” every time you leave somewhere, even if it’s the room next door.

Thank you for being the tough guy sometimes.

Thank you for teaching me to always keep a level head.

Thank you for rolling your eyes at me to express how stupid the boy updates/gossip with mom are at dinner.

Thanks for being funny even when you don’t try to be.

Thank you for the long texts and overwhelming amount of emails that I claim to be so annoyed of but in reality I’m glad you include me on everything.

Thanks for letting us make fun of you for your horrible dance moves and thinning hair.

Thank you for raising me around sports.

Thank you for being a Penn State alum.

Thank you for being the only man a daughter truly needs.

Thank you for busting your ass in 365 days a year to give us yummy food, a comfy bed and a beautiful home to live in.

Thank you for making sure that I look classy and respectable before leaving the house to go out.

Thank you for loving your job as well as your career and always pursuing your passions/goals.

Thank you for helping me find my passion and enabling me to chase after it.

Thank you for loving mom unconditionally.

Thank you for being mooshy-gooshy and lovey-dovey with mom even though PDA makes me uncomfortable.

Thank you for raising two beautiful and healthy kids.

Thank you for not ever drinking alcohol or even thinking about drugs. That kind of lifestyle is a healthy one to be around.

Thank you for coming to two frat parties with me.

Thank you for rubbing my back and kissing my forehead on days that you didn’t even realize were bad for me.

Thank you for treating my best friends like they are one of yours at times.

Thank you for always telling me that it will be okay when tough things happen.

Thank you for coming and sitting out at the kitchen table every time you hear one of us in the kitchen.

Thank you for unsuccessfully trying to set me up with guys but always putting a good word in for me.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thanks for walking me out the door every time I leave the house.

Thank you for being my role model, best friend, and father all in one.

Today, I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for the concrete foundation, unconditional love, and lessons that you have brought not only myself but our entire family. You are my rock and I am glad to know that it will always be that way. Always and forever will be Daddy’s little girl.

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