4 Sorority Girls Take To Reddit To Describe Best and Worst Greek Life Experiences

This is from a Reddit post where a potential sorority girl wanted some input on the pros and cons of joining Greek life.


I am really curious because I go to a college with a huge greek life and since I came from an area that had pretty much no one who was in it or wanted to be, I didn’t realize how large a network it was. I am also considering rushing next semester, so if you have any tips or advice I’m all ears. Thanks!


I am currently in a sorority and I absolutely love it. The interesting thing about a sorority is that you get out of it what you put into it. A sorority is a commitment, and if you aren’t committed to being with your sisters, then you won’t enjoy your experience. However, if you are committed to being in the sorority, then you will love it.

1. Best:

Wardrobe–You always have something to wear. Shirts are passed down through the generations and I am the proud owner of 50+ shirts.

Friends–You will meet some of your best friends through the sorority, and you will have a series of scheduled events that allow you to see them as much as you would like. Also, it is easy to trust any girl in your sorority, even if you don’t know her well, because she shares 100+ mutual friends.

Socials–Socials are dances where you are able to bring a date and wear matching outfits, it’s always a blast.

Exchanges–Exchanges are where a sorority and a fraternity pair up to have a dance together.

Sisterhoods–We get to do things with our sisters for free. My favorites have been the spa sisterhood (we went to a spa and received massages), Gingerbread making sisterhood, Thanksgiving sisterhood, etc.

Opportunities–There are many opportunities that are available to you through greek life, and I know that it has changed my life for the better. Without my sorority I don’t think that I would have enjoyed college.


Scheduling–It’s really hard to schedule things with sorority, school, and a job. It takes effort, but it’s not without reward.

Business Meetings–These meetings tend to be a little dry, and people disagree a lot. They are only 1 hour a week though, so they are doable.

Study Hours–We are required to study a certain amount of hours per week. It’s annoying, but my grades have improved.

I go to a large school in the Southeast, so Greek Life is HUGE here.

2. Best:

My sorority was large (I’m talking 150+ pledge class), so it was easy to find people I shared common ground with. It was also diverse enough, that each member had something to offer the sorority. That was the primary reason I joined- it wasn’t the typical blonde-haired cookie cutter group, who didn’t live up to sorority stereotypes. The girls who rushed me were quirky, fun, and wholesome- and I appreciated that.

I was able to secure an internship through social media by networking with an active in another chapter. I will include my membership on my resume for this reason.

I’m not close with my brother and I always wanted a sister. It was nice to finally have a group of women who had my back and supported me. Yeah, there were some sisters who I didn’t particularly get along with, but that’s life. That happens everywhere you go. We are a pretty tight group.

I found that being in the Greek System provided privilege, which has it’s added benefits: fun parties, free concert tickets, more free activities, etc. It wasn’t all fun and games- I really enjoyed getting involved with our philanthropic organizations and I will continue to make donations even after I graduate, so it has been a great learning opportunity for me.

It’s nice knowing I can go anywhere in the country and have sisters around who I share a common bond with.

I’ve met some of my best friends. The type of friends I would take a bullet for- and some of them are no longer active in the sorority. Being in/out of the sorority is not the be all, end all.


I was not in what is considered an “Upper-Tier” sorority, so I had to deal with the pettiness which came with that. When you are wearing your letters, you are a representative of the sorority, so you must act accordingly. There’s a lot of pressure and if you step out of line, it’s not unlikely to see someone say something nasty about you on social media. I’ve seen people take pictures of my sisters, then write mean captions, and post it online. So, that’s stressful.

The number of male chauvinists I came across. I have met some incredibly wonderful and sweet fraternity guys, but there are always bad eggs who ruin everyone else’s experience. That said, it’s not a fraternity thing, it’s a people thing.

Public Relations dictating what I can/can’t wear to class.

The mob-mentality. I am a very independent person and I can form my own opinions. I often stirred up controversy by going my own way on several issues. I wore jorts one day, and received too many dirty looks to count. It was silly. I also like Star Wars, so that’s branded me as subversive (I mean, I’m not watching Gossip Girl)

Fines. OMG, the fines. You miss an event because you were studying for a test the next day? $200 fine!

I went to a sorority in Ohio.

3. Best:

Events that are very fun, and never really involved drinking. I.E. Greek Week events, recruitment stuff, initiation week/ritual stuff. Basically being in a sorority added a bunch of new holidays to my life.

People to live life with. Lived with sisters my entire college career (sometimes accidentally cause we hadn’t rushed yet), and it made life easy to have people with the same priorities.

Kept my grades up. If you didn’t make grades, you could get in trouble from the chapter. Always wanted that edge.

Living with people to go out to parties with when you wanna do that, but who also know when to study or when its a general ‘no-no’.

My business casual game was improved IMMENSELY because of weakly BC chapters.

Easy leadership positions that seemed like they really mattered, like I was actually in charge of an event that raised $8000 in one day for kids. That rocks.

Cute ass shirts.

“Healthy drama.” Life is more fun when there are little dramatic things to shake things up. Being in chapter leadership and problem solving how to fix certain issues or deal with problem children was good ole fun for the most part, if you didn’t take it so seriously.

I thought the ritual stuff was awesome. Like really fucking cool and powerful. I still do.


Our chapters happened to be super boring so it was a huge waste of 3 hours each Sunday.

Pricey. Not super pricey, but it actually was a really positive way for me to spend my money so I’m not sure upset about it.

Restrictions on drinking/partying. We weren’t able to be super big party girls or get black out drunk because the GLO at our school was super strict, the chapter can get sanctioned. Of course, this just led to responsible partying.

Overall: I’m a big fan of the system. My school was a bit ‘straightedge’ as far as greek life craziness was, but it really was a blast.

I initially joined because I went to a small, Southern Liberal Arts school where over half of the students were involved in Greek life. Also, most of my friends were already in the sorority I ended up pledging, so I felt like I already belonged there. In hindsight, I should have just kept continuing to hang out with my friends without the “bond of sisterhood.” I’m 31 and honestly, being a part of a sorority has never come up again except people finding out and being surprised that I was ever a part of Greek life.

4. Best:

Always busy. Always something going on. If you were bored, you could drop by the house and find someone to hang out with.

Mandatory study hours. I needed the structure.

The feeling of belonging to a group.



Busy all of the time. You’re expected to go to things nearly every night of the week.

Hazing. Yes, it happens.

Having to interact with the fraternities.

$$$. Besides dues, there are also the small things that add up: t-shirts, activities, donations, etc…

Recruitment. There is nothing more disheartening than sitting in a room full of women critiquing potential new members with their photos projected on a wall.

Honestly, Greek Life is so variable depending on where you go to school, and even what chapter you join. I would recommend asking people at your school about the pros and cons, because they’re bound to be different than what everyone here has to say.

My advice would be, if you do end up rushing even with all these people spewing personal opinions, go for a house that you think really fits you. I’m not the stereotypical sorority girl, and I am an engineer, and my chapter is full of hilarious, chill, down-to-earth girls that I can discuss middle eastern politics or sing Taylor Swift with. We shit on the patriarchy while doing our hair and we’ve all got our little nerdy quirks.

The whole point of a sorority is to be able to connect with other people and have a network of support that you would’ve been hard pressed to find on your own. If you like the people (and can afford it: no lie it’s pretty expensive), then go for it. Otherwise, you can probably find your lifelong friends at college, granted with a little more effort.

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