9 Reasons Light American Beer Is Great

I like all forms of booze. The sharp bite of well tequila, love that sh*t.

Wine, whiskey, beer, the list goes on. When it comes to beer, light American beer (Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, etc) gets a bad rap.

Truth is, light American beer is pretty awesome, for a lot of reasons.


9. You can go all day, and night, drinking it.

It’s a marathon beer, you’ll get too full to get too drunk. You’ll pee, burp, and have room for another 12. Perfect.

8. It’s forgiving at a less than cold temp.

These outdoor summer fests? You really want to be drinking an IPA that’s warm to the touch? You’ll be puking on your lap before you’re halfway done. A warm Busch Light, it’s doable.

7. You can shotgun them.


6. You can beer bong them.

Equally essential.

5. You can mix with its counterparts.

You’ll be fine mixing Coors with Bud, and so on. Maybe.

4. You make up for the lack of flavor and alcohol % with quantity.

You’ll impress yourself, and others, when you and a buddy are able to split a 30 of Busch Light, trust me.

3. It’s easy to hit your peak buzz.

Nice and steady. Easy does it. And, boom. The perfect buzz. You won’t get hit with that whiskey freight train.

2. You know what you’re gonna get.

Light American beer is consistent; there are no bells and whistles.

1. You don’t need to get fancy, to have fun.

These beers represent summer and fun in my book. A bonus? You won’t break the bank.

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