A Michigan Wolverine Suffered A Tragic Accident And Needs Our Help

On Saturday, July 18th Taylor Janssen dove to get a volleyball off his pontoon boat on Lake Sherwood into shallow water and broke his neck at the C5 vertebrae. Taylor is currently in intensive care at U of M Hospital, paralyzed but with full mental capacity.

5369699_1437494760.6449For those who know Taylor, he is a one of a kind kid. From his father, Mark: “Taylor, who came into this world 3 plus months premature, has always been a fighter. Also, as his mother would say: he is a Janssen and Janssens do not give up.”

Taylor is one of those guys that is always willing to help anyone in need. Now it is our turn to help Taylor, and his family, while they work through this trying time. Our love and support will go a long way in aiding Taylor’s recovery. With your support, we can raise money to make Taylor’s hospital stay more comfortable, as well as provide him with the best care possible during his rehabilitation process.

The $50,000 goal is just a start, and all proceeds that do not go towards Taylor’s rehab will be donated to the Kathy A. Janssen Foundation, a memorial foundation set up in the loving memory of Taylor’s mother to provide financial assistance to causes that captivated Kathy during her life. For more information on that cause, follow this link: Kathy A Janssen Foundation.

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