21 Reasons Why Penn State Is No Competition To Rutgers

All Scarlet Knights have a passionate hatred for all that is the Nittany Lions. So, here’s what every single student here at Rutgers has been thinking for the past year…

rutgersclock101. We’re a forty minute train ride from NYC. Hello sick bars and the best internships.

2. How did you lose to Michigan AND Maryland?

3. We had you trembling in front of your television for three quarters of the fall ’14 game.

4. On that note, Hackenburg sucks. Or I should say Hacken-sacked.

5. We’re the birthplace of college football.

6. Where is your diversity, seriously.

7. ΚΔΡ just speaks for itself.

8. Stop pretending you’re Ohio State’s rival.

9. You weren’t an original Big Ten school either. Look it up.

10. We created fat sandwiches and R U Hungry?

11. What does State College even do? It exists solely for the university. It’s not a real place.

12. You’ll riot for anything. Chill out, fratstars.

13. It pays to have a killer special teams. Make that leading the nation in 39 blocked field goals since 2009.

14. Rutgers: where we happily accommodate students with cheap in-state tuition.

15. How you navigate your campus with your inbred IQs is beyond me.

16. Honestly where the hell are you located?

17. We just entered the Big Ten and we already gave you a run for your money.

18. Being founded in 1855 is absolutely embarrassing compared to 1766.

IMG_806719. Rutgers formals in Atlantic City casinos and ginormous city block parties? Let us know if your mansions beat that.

20. And this. This could be the douchiest thing ever made. And he’s a kicker…

21. September 19th…see you there.

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