Love you, Chipotle.

chipotle-mexican-results_21) When you’re with a group of people and no one can agree on where to eat

2) When you need a reason to put off studying for your midterm the next day

3) When you want to get someone to hang out with you

4) When you need to find the perfect gift for someone

5) When you want someone who understands your needs after a breakup

6) When you don’t have time to cook but also don’t want to punish your body with questionable meat and produce

7) When bae is hangry

8) When you need to grab attention in an emergency situation

9) When you’re broke and hungry and remember your chipotle leftovers are there waiting for you right where you left them

10) When you want someone to whisper sweet (salty?) nothings to you

11) When all your roommates are out and you need someone to stay in with you

12) When it’s cheat day but really you don’t want to lose everything you worked so hard to gain

13) When you need to apologize to someone and get them to forgive you

14) When you feel sorry for where your life is headed

15) When your right hand is just not enough

16) When you need something to do

17) When you forget to pack a lunch

burrito-man-218) When you need someone to warm up that cold, empty spot next to you in bed

19) When you need fast food but want gourmet food

20) When you want to get your significant other’s parents to like you

21) When you forget to make reservations

22) When you’re sick and have no one to take care of you

23) When you need to win over somebody special

24) When you’re afraid no one will show up to something

25) When you don’t know what to say or how to say it

26) When you’re ready to pop the question

27) When you need a pep talk

il_fullxfull.816510179_t6hu28) When you need to convince yourself you’re a cultured American

29) When you realized your true potential after reading about the guy who ate Chipotle for 153 days in a row and still has an 8-pack

30) When you need a reason to get out of bed in the morning

31) When you have a cold hard case of FOMO

32) When you’re feeling a little homesick

33) When you want to take someone on the perfect date

34) When you don’t know what you have the taste for

35) When you need motivation to make it through the day

36) When you want someone to Netflix and chill with

37) When you need someone who won’t judge you for not showering in 3 days

38) When you want to get someone to shut up

39) When Tinder disappoints

40) When you need to impress a foreigner

41) When you tryna treat yo’ self

42) When you need to win an argument

43) When you feel unappreciated

44) When you want to be the hero your city needs

45) When you read this list and realize you’ve experienced eternal bliss in your lifetime and that you need to go do it again.

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