5 Things PENN STATE Students Are Tired Of Hearing

I understand that some things come with the territory of being a Penn State Grad. People will always yell WE ARE! at you when you rock your many school shirts and hoodies. People from other schools will try to talk trash when most of the time they aren’t a relevant rival anyway cough *Pitt* cough. Then there are other things I will never really get used to. Here are the things Penn State students are tired of hearing you say.

THON1) WE ARE…all alcoholics.

We like to party. We get it. You think that every single one of us walks around with pong balls in our pocket, just on the off chance a game might be in need. Parties at Penn State are the things Asher Roth’s dreams are made of. Are Asher Roth references still relevant? Who knows. All I know is I have now graduated from PSU, and the “all Penn State students are alcoholics” mentality is getting old. I couldn’t stand when I was interviewing and some of my potential bosses would insinuate how much “fun” I had at my school. I think we all deserve just a little more credit than that. I mean yes, I would probably beat you at flip cup, but I am also dedicated and responsible.

2) “What did you think about the whole Joe Pa thing?”

NOPE. Not getting into this, nope nope nope. If you want to talk garbage on my school,go right ahead. That would be better than asking this question. What happened was unforgivable, and I don’t want to talk to you about it. It’s something I can’t talk to you about with a clear head, because it makes me emotional. Not because of a stupid football program, but because atrocities occurred at a place I call my home. Any wording of “What was the feeling like up there?” or “What do you think is right?” is unacceptable. I’m not going to defend anyone, but I’m also not going to take personal responsibility for something one man did. Stop telling me I did it, seriously.

3) We’re a cult.

Ok ok, I am a little bit brainwashed by my school, but who isn’t? It’s not like we’re the only college to have alumni weekends and homecoming! College is a great time in most peoples lives. Just because my college is better doesn’t mean…haha joking. Seriously though, I have some good friends claim this all the time and its getting old. Plus who hasn’t been part of a good old fashioned blood pact every now and again, it’s all in good fun.

4) “Hey do you know….”

So this one isn’t as annoying as it is impossible. When people start this sentence I usually bet them a drink I don’t. My entire life of people asking me this question I have not once said yes. The school has over 40,000 students attending and unless they have the same major as me, they don’t exist in my world at all. The only really bad part about this is the look of disappointment I receive from the person asking. I feel like I’ve let you down, buddy. I’m sorry I wasted too many nights with my roommates watching Netflix. I probably should have joined more clubs or something.

5) THON is overrated.

Objectively, some people do take THON extremely seriously. I’ve heard of people staying in college an extra year in order to fulfill Thon positions, which is pretty intense. That shouldn’t take away from the vast amount of good this organization does. Millions of dollars are raised for pediatric cancer every year. The thing I will tell my fellow State colleagues is we should try to remember what we’re doing it for and keep it humble. It’s easy to get that warm tingly feeling knowing you actually had such a large impact on other’s lives. We should always remember that at the end of the day it’s about the kids and their families, not how important you are for being so and so in such and such org. If we promise to uphold that end of the deal, can everyone else please stop trying to belittle such an amazing cause?

There’s the list of the most annoying topics you could bring up to a Penn State student. From Thon to our cult like atmosphere (I prefer to think we’re a big family) these things really make our skin crawl to talk about. Please, if you love us, stop making us do it.

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