Meet UW-Madison’s Health Guru Ashley Hampton, Also known as “Raw in College”

Ashley is the 19-year-old UW-Madison college student who is making a mark on social media all over the world.

11203700_10204559588937262_5956538679164163813_nOver a year ago, she decided to try out the “raw vegan” lifestyle and it has completely changed her life. Her diet consists of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds—are you in need of some healthy #inspo? Make sure to check out her booming Instagram @rawincollege for daily vibrant posts and her YouTube channel for recipes, advice, and more.

DSC_0239 DSC_0256 DSC_0258After recently hitting 12k followers, Ashley is being recognized as a young “health guru” as she reaches out to people every day with her modern day wisdom. Ashley’s story is something that EVERYONE should know about—she has experienced HEALTHY weight loss, clearer skin, increased energy and so much more. Between the pressure from society to look “perfect” and the typical college atmosphere, students often struggle with making healthy choices, especially when it comes to food. Ashley is using social media as a tool to inspire people to live well, eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and be truly HAPPY! This lifestyle has affected her so positively that it would be a crime not to put it out there and continue to share it with the world! Amongst all of the fad diets out there this is a sustainable LIFESTYLE that anyone can thrive on.

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