37 Better Things To ‘Be In’ Other Than A Relationship As An Illini

936072_10203981592887794_7075973942953464909_n1) A GroupMe conversation with your friends that you don’t see enough but can still keep up with through their daily anecdotal thoughts and experiences (and a lot of times screenshots and pictures too…viewer discretion advised)

2) Roland pool soaking up the remainder of that moody Champaign sun

3) A pile of hay at barndance with your best buds and also your other best buds (Jose, Jack and Jim)

4) A picture with the mysterious Kim Jong Un look-alike dude who circulates the different campustown establishments and has become a campus icon in the span of a month

5) A hot steamy shower while jamming to 90’s music and pregaming the pregame

6) A dream about acing your Anatomy exam…LOL but who are you really kidding a dream is all it will continue to be

7) An easy online 8-week class so you can drop Anatomy after your dream doesn’t come true after all

8) The front row listening to your favorite DJ throw down a killer set at Canopy Club aka bae

9) The ARC dungeon getting jacked af to try and rock muscle tanks at happy hour.

10) A food coma (and subsequently, going into food labor…) after consuming copious amounts of Cracked, Antonio’s, Fat Sandwhich, Wingin’ Out and the hundred other dining options open until 3 a.m. every night

11) The middle of an enlightening debate over anything from Mean Girls conspiracy theories to theories of special relativity to Presidential nominees.

12) Candy Cab to conveniently and safely get to the bars and back from the darkest depths of seniorland

13) The other half of the hemisphere studying abroad, getting cultured and making new friends you now have an excuse to visit

14) Your friend’s closet trying to find a cute outfit for senior night tn obviiiii

15) Nose deep in a chilling novel on a lazy, rainy day

16) The Japan House gardens soaking in the breathtaking scenery that you didn’t know could exist in middle-of-nowhere, Illinois.

17) Relief after you wake up in a haze and realize that you made it into your own bed somehow O.o

18) The Lofts 54 or Distillery hot tub for afties

19) ~Club UGL~ working on a group project that you began the day dreading and ended the night cracking up over stupid inside jokes with your partners that were magnified through the delirium caused by all yall’s lack of sleep

20) Taco Bell devouring a Crunch Wrap Supreme with the Cheesy Gordita Crunch on deck to compensate for your Burnette’s induced hangover

21) Fireman’s lecture on Halloween just to find out what intricate and relevant costume she could possibly have come up with to top the one from the previous year…she always does

22) The process of figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life through different campus resources that provide support and guidance #BeWhoYouWannaBe

23) The hot seat ready to narrate the evening’s escapades when you stumble back home to your roommates that are in FOMO desperation from having to stay in

24) The middle of season 6 of Friends and season 5 of Game of Thrones

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.43.02 AM

25) The hour long line at Lion just to pay $10 cover…SIKE it sucks, but you know it’ll be a good night 😉

26) The VIP line at any bar with no cover…those are even better nights

27) A sarcastic conversation with someone you met at a pregame that you won’t be able to recall in another 20 minutes

28) Grainger getting help from someone with a much higher IQ than yourself and feeling like you finally have some sort of grasp on life…until you take the next quiz in that class and the cycle begins all over again

29) The bathroom relieving yourself after a marathon day at Block

30) The best shape of your life because you have time to give to yourself and your goals

31) The back of your friend’s scooter for an impromptu trip to Merry Ann’s

32) Your bed with no obligations to anyone but yourself and the freedom to do what you want when you wake up the next morning

33) The midst of finishing a beer bong at Block

34) A hammock on the quad, experiencing the blissful and carefree blue sky, comforting us with its calm tones and miraculous ability to make everything visible to the naked eye

35) A group of friends at Dos eating all the chips and salsa that fit on your table before getting started on the margs and platters afterward

36) The Lion beer garden at Friday happy hour

37) Love with yourself; the person you already are and the person you are on your way to becoming through your education and experiences at this fine Big Ten institution

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