PSU’s Favorite Weekend Of The Year: Penn State vs. Ohio State

It’s no secret that the long drawn out rivalry between Penn State and Ohio State is one of college football’s most beloved games. After the 2014 game in beaver stadium which had everyone on the edge of their seats with Ohio State coming out on top 31-24 after a 2OT game, nittany lions are eager to make a come back with the ever pleasant Buckeyes in their home stadium. With this rivalry dating back to November 12, 1912 in Columbus Ohio, with a Penn State win, the road is long but never count the underdog out. Here are some things to remember going into this years heated rivalry. *Disclaimer, OSU does lead the series, 16-13*


Penn State won the most consecutive games of the 103-year rivalry.

Each match up between Penn State and Ohio State between 1912 and 1964, Penn State pulled out a big ole win on the buckeyes with two of those games Ohio State not managing to gain a single point.

Penn State holds the largest attendance for the rivalry game in the one and only Beaver Stadium.

With a record 109,839 fans, Beaver Stadium was packed to the brim to watch the Nittany Lions crush OSU 17-10. There’s something about watching Penn State football in Happy Valley with 109,000 of your best friends that makes you proud to be a Nittany Lion. (OSU did get a crowd of 105,713 one time, but we still won so it must be rough to gather that many buckeyes to watch a defeat)

Two of the most memorable seasons, 2005 and 2008 and our “Shared” Big Ten championships

2005- 17-10 PENN STATE
2008- 13-6 PENN STATE

Even though we beat OSU both years head on, we’ll use the term “shared” big ten championships to be polite.

Highest scoring game? 1994 Penn State.

This one is pretty self explanatory- Penn State (63) Ohio State (14)


• OSU needs to learn to hold onto the ball. Until the Maryland game, OSU had 10 turnovers with their own couch admitting “they were turning the ball over at an alarming rate” Lucky for you OSU, PSU has forced 12 turnovers this year, so hold on tight.
• CARL NASSIB! With OSU’s own Joey Bosa essentially taking the game home for OSU last year, Penn State has one of the country’s sack leader wearing the blue and white. With 10 sacks throughout 6 games, Carl is a force to be reckoned with.
• Currently Penn State is ranked 10th in defense in the country while OSU stands proud on their 27th place in offense.
• Additonally, PSU is 8th in turnovers with a positive 1.33 per game while OSU is 86th in turnovers with a negative .33 per game. Ouch.
• Both teams are coming off a large win, Penn State 29-7(Indiana) and Ohio State 49-28 (Maryland) but Penn State is looking for revenge, and won’t stop till its achieved.
• According to “The Bleacher Report” OSU ranks #6 on the “Top 10 college football programs with the most rude and arrogant fans” Their air of arrogance is legendary, and never goes unnoticed. On the other hand according to “Saturday Down South” Penn State fan base is #8 on the scale of “helpful and pleasant fans” Because lets not forget the infamous Braxton Miller flipping off the entire crowd as he left the stadium in 2013.
• It also must be rough to fall into the 26th team in the nation with the most arrests. But don’t worry Urban Meyer will have you moving up in the ranks in no time.

Both teams have something to prove this weekend, and it won’t be a sad game on either opponent’s side. If Ohio State pulls a win out of their ass kind of like their 2010 quarter back, Terrelle Pryor pulled those improper benefits, they’ll be hand in hand wih PSU on consecutive wins. And next year the trip to beaver stadium will put them into their place. But look out on Sunday at 8pm Buckeyes, Penn State is ready for revenge and won’t mind serving it in your home stadium.


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