Why You Should Be Selfish In College

Big Ten schools fit their name well, with vast and scenic campuses along with large student populations. Sometimes, the numbers make it easy to lose yourself in the crowd, especially among such bright minds and beautiful faces. Although I can’t say for certain that my story isn’t the only one of its kind, I have a hunch that a lot more of us have dealt with balancing our obligations to others and our obligations to ourselves than we let on to.

selfishAs a young person, in the peak of your existence, you have an advantage over the average individual that you can’t come back and claim in another few years. School gets busy and so does the in-between, but often times, we take our free time and clutter it with the desire to be desired and the worries that accompany this proclivity. Whether it stems from insecurity, perfectionism, societal pressures, or just out of sheer boredom, there is a simple solution that can easily free anyone from these vulnerable, grappling handcuffs: give that same attention, desire and energy, to yourself. Take care of you, spend that money on you, and admire who you are.

I’ve always been told to treat people the way I want to be treated, to the point where I stopped treating myself the way I wanted to be treated in a desperate attempt and need for acceptance. I felt like I needed to apologize for my presence. With this epiphany, however, I escaped a truly grueling and seemingly endless road leading to a place of permanent unhappiness. So I stopped.

I began giving myself exactly what I needed or wanted; I indulged, I exercised my body and mind and eventually, I noticed a significant difference in my quality of life. Not only was I happier with the person I was—but so was everyone else in my life. I was able to provide the people in my life a better experience being with me by taking care of me—crazy, right?

When you listen to what your body and mind need, you end up positively affecting every other aspect in your life because unless you take care of yourself, you’re truly unable to take care of others to the best of your ability.

Nothing is more important in your life than your health, whether that be physical, mental or emotional. Right now, it may seem like an absurdity to find yourself doing something that maybe no one else agrees with, but you can’t experience satisfaction unless you begin to listen to your own heart and your own instincts, so start now. Get rid of that forced smile, and exchange it for a genuine one, I’ll be the advocate for you and your desires.

Next time you feel overwhelmed in a situation and find yourself weighing what you want over what someone else wants, remember who the king or queen of the court is and let it always be you. Watch where it takes you and embrace that ride.

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