Girls From The Midwest Are Best? Here Are 10 Reasons Why The Answer Is ‘YES.’

People always talk about a Southern girl, Cali girl, or a City girl but how about Midwestern girls? Here are just a few reasons why Midwestern girls are among the best.


1. She knows how to have fun anywhere

Growing up surrounded by cornfields you learn how to make even those cornfields a good time. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, if a Midwestern girl is nearby it’s bound to be a fun time.

2. She knows food is the way to the heart

She knows how to make the best food anything from grilling food outside to the best comfort food when you really need it. She has a go-to casserole dish that never gets old. She learned a thing or two from her Mama and is bound to keep the recipes going.

3. She’s easy going

Her adventurous and spontaneous spirit makes her down to do almost anything. Hunting, fishing, movie, drive-ins, concerts, sporting event, just about anything, you can bet a Midwestern girl would be more than happy to go along.

4. Getting lost isn’t always a bad thing

She appreciates a nice drive out to the middle of nowhere. It’s okay if you get lost because all she cares about is having someone special with her, the windows down, and some good music playing.

5. She is independent

An independent woman is a good thing. It means she can take care of herself with a confidence about her. She takes pride in this independence but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like the idea of a man caring for her and going out of his way for her. She values chivalry and likes to think it’s not dead.

Midwestern girl

6. She is a hard worker

The Midwest is known for hard working people. She was taught growing up to put her heart and soul into everything she does. She has an incredible work ethic and is very passionate about everything she does. She won’t give up on something she really wants.

7. She loves sports

A Midwestern girl most likely grew up loving a certain sport and team and she’ll love it until the day she dies. You can take her along to any sporting event. She has a competitive edge that she brings into things that aren’t even meant to be competitive. This can be good and bad but either way it keeps life entertaining.

8. She’s friendly

She makes it a point to genuinely speak to people she meets and has something about her that lets them know she’s actually interested in what they are saying. Although she is friendly to people, she will always stand up for what she believes. She’ll speak her mind if she needs to but sometimes you might not want her to. They all say don’t mess with Texas, I say don’t mess with Indiana.

9. They can handle any kind of weather

A Midwestern girl has seen it all. The weather channel is irrelevant to her because she knows that it could change within a few minutes. She’s seen the hottest humid summer days but she’s also bared through the dry bitter winters.

10. The accents

Midwestern girls have a cute little accent. If you’re from the Midwest you probably don’t realize or appreciate it as much, but people from other places of the country are able to notice right away.

There you have it. These are just a few of the things that make Midwestern girls awesome. Now go out and find one for yourself to see what we’re made of!

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