WTF?: Rutgers Business School Turns Away Students for Wearing the “Wrong” Colored Attire

As if Rutgers couldn’t get any more boring and pretentious, this week, the administration has taken their Sunday school teacher vibes and extended it to their dress code for their most recent career and internship fair.


Business school officials headed the career fair in the right direction by refusing to let students wearing colored shirts, blue suits, and brown shoes into the career fair. Many students were refused entry to the fair just based on the fact that they “weren’t following the dress code”. It’s okay, though, because Rutgers’s business school has apparently apologized and reached out to those students who were turned away to offer them a chance to redeem themselves after the fiasco. As long as the business school administration apologizes, everything will be okay, right?


This leads to a bigger societal question—how harmful to business exactly is the color blue? How will we stop the raging maniacs in the business world who refuse to conform to the soul sucking world of black and grey suits?


If wearing a good-fitting blue suit is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

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