UNL Fiji Suspended For Being Too Frat

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a great campus, cozy atmosphere, and the perfect frat stereotype.

Calla Kessler/The World-Herald

Fiji has done a great job demonstrating plenty of stereotypes associated with frats. Drunk off their asses, Trump “Make America Great Again” flags proudly waving, many of the members of the fraternity verbally harassed participants of the Women’s March last month.

“Are your p***ies blue?” and “no means yes!” are just a couple of things the exemplary frat boys (allegedly) shouted at women. You’re probably thinking the same thing I am: “these seem like mature, well-rounded, and fun guys!”

As it turns out, the University didn’t think so and promptly opened an investigation into the incident. What they found may be more shocking than the investigation itself: Fiji had been participating in “reckless alcohol use” in “recent academic terms.”

In response to the University’s findings, Fiji has been temporarily suspended while the frat is further probed about its (alleged) vulgar comments and verbal harassment during the Women’s March.

Huge shoutout to its members for being an iconic example of the highly regarded, oft-mentioned “frat douche.” Stay classy.

You can find the original article here.

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