Georgia Ellenwood (15 PHOTOS)

Meet Georgia Ellenwood: the Wisconsin All-American track star from our neighbor up north.

Instagram: @george_ahhh

School: University of Wisconsin, graduating class of 2018

Major: Sociology

Minor: Environmental Studies

Favorite thing about Wisconsin: “My favourite thing about Wisconsin is the atmosphere on campus; it’s fun and people like to party yet there is such a high academic standard that the students take pride in.”
*note the “u” in “favourite”–definitely Canadian

Favorite college memory: Being on the floor level apartment for her junior and senior year. She liked to invite random passersby into her apartment to rally on home game days (who could say no?).

She added that, being from Canada, she didn’t realize the extent to which college sports unified people across campus. It took being a student for her to begin to enjoy football and basketball.


Georgia is insanely athletic, just coming off of leading the Big 10 Conference in the indoor pentathlon, but she’s got a lot more going for her than her athletic abilities. You get a feel for her passion for sociology in her mention of sports’ ability to unite a college campus. That’s genuine intrigue, not like the bullshit fluff you add to your papers to make them a little longer. She’s chill, like the kind of person that’s down to party, but is also capable of holding a legitimately thoughtful and meaningful conversation.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a total babe:

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