10 Songs To Play At Every Frat Party And Why

1. Black Widow (Iggy Azalea/Rita Ora)

Why: No doubt this song is about to be overplayed very soon, but it’s a great time to seize it in its moment now. It starts off with a perfect beat to dance to and is a really great way to kick off a party. Iggy Azalea in any song is about the greatest thing to happen right now, and whenever she starts rapping is a perfect time to drop it.

2. Ignition Remix (R Kelly)

Why: This song in general has a really sexy groove, plus it reminds you that “it’s the freaking weekend, baby, [you’re] about to have [you] some fun.” It’s one of those songs that makes you want to grind in a dim basement that smells faintly of Karkov, and what better place than a frat?


3. Timber (Ke$ha/Pitbull)

Why: Nothing is going to get your typical girls dancing like some Kesha telling them that they better move & dance. The lyrics are relevant to college as well: “let’s make a night you won’t remember, I’ll be the one you won’t forget.” It’s a perfect dance song because it combines catchy lyrics with a fun beat, and if you looking to pick someone, you can just grab them when Pitbull says “swing your partner round and round” Plus Karkov will make it easy for you to overlook Pitbull’s creepy whispers of “timber.”

4. Wild For the Night (A$AP Rocky/Skrillex)

Why: Are you trying to get wild for the night at a frat party? This song perfectly combines sexy beat with a rap that you can still dance to. The lyrics encourage a fun time had by all.


5. Gas Pedal (Sage the Gemini/IamSu)

Why: This song is the ultimate twerking song that has been endorsed by twerkers far and wide (#TFTT). Literally there is nothing more perfect than this song when you are trying to encourage booty shaking.


6. I Love College (Asher Roth)

Why: During these four (or five) years, this is essentially our anthem. Asher Roth understands exactly what we are experiencing. Although it’s not as easy to dance to, you can grab a drink and do the drunk white boy sway quite easily to this. Plus, everyone knows the words which helps create a friendly environment.

7. HeadBand (B.o.B./2Chainz)

Why: The song starts out with a really great beat and then talks about how this girl is “dancing like she do in the mirror & she broke it down like Shakira.” It is the epitome of dancing like nobody is watching and encourages drunk girls to do just that. Plus it’s pretty simple to just shake it to.

8. Pour It Up (Rihanna)

Why: This song is a great choice because it not only encourages you to pour it up, but it also makes you want to grind. It sounds a little dirty and will make any girl standing in the corner want to dance. Rihanna doesn’t care about the haters and neither should you. All you need to do is ball out.

9. Drunk in Love (Or any song by Beyoncé)

Why: Beyoncé is our queen and it’s very unlikely that we won’t want to dance to any song that she has created. We will know every lyric and try to shake it half as well as the Queen B. Drunk in Love is great because it starts off with that sexy intro that transforms you to a land as perfect as Bey and Jay’s love life.

10. Dolce & Gabbana (RiFF RAFF)

Why: Just a little wild card, but this song is great. RiFF RAFF has created a song for those high class “hoes who rock Dolce & Gabbana.” He talks about Ruby Tuesday’s. which just shows how much he values good food, and throws in a Lion King reference as well. What better way to remind everyone about growing up in suburbia than throwing on a RiFF RAFF song that is perfect to dance to?



Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot)

Why: Well the 90s are back with a vengeance, thanks to us, and who doesn’t love horrible 90s music? Nothing quite like Sir Mix-A-Lot professing his love for booty to get everyone shaking what their mamas gave them. Can you honestly say you can sit still to this song? No, absolutely not.

Claire Hitchins is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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