Purdue Rebuttal: 20 Reasons IU Absolutely Sucks

Here’s Purdue’s rebuttal (written by Boilermakers Martina Snemis and Jeremy Anderson) to yesterday’s piece that got everyone talkin’ – enjoy.


1. The limestone makes IU’s campus look like an insane asylum.

2. Everyone can agree that crimson is the worst shade of red and no one wants to wear a cream colored shirt that looks like you got showered in semen.

3. Purdue has more players in the NFL that made the playoffs than IU has in the entire league.

4. The inventor of chicken nuggets did his research at Purdue.  You’re welcome.

5. The majority of IU’s fanbase went to Ball State or a community college.

6. Everyone is tired of the “IUBB” hashtag. No, IU you will not be getting another banner, give it up.

7. You have no mascot to represent your school. Claiming the “Hoosier” doesn’t make sense considering Purdue also represents Indiana.

8. IU isn’t considered the Ivy league of the Midwest like we are.

9. Purdue has been ranked as one of the most difficult schools to receive an A, and yes, most graduate with over a 3.0 GPA.

10. We don’t have a dorm known as McSlut.

11. IU’s breakfast clubs are not even comparable to Purdue’s.

12. They don’t have Cactus Thursdays, and who doesn’t love Cactus Thursdays? (Neon Cactus was ranked as being one of the 31 Best College Bars in America by Business Insider)

13. We’re not one of the top party schools, you are correct. We are actually proud of this. We were, however, just ranked as a top 20 public school in the nation. IU was not. We think this is more relevant to potential employers than our party school ranking..

14. Purdue is home to 22 Big Ten championships and 28 All-Americans.

15. Purdue fans are known as the most loyal, whether we suck or not.

16. Purdue graduate, Neil Armstrong, had the first steps on the moon.  Gene Cernan was the last man to walk on the moon (also a Purdue grad).

17. IU classes go later than 6:30 pm and no one has time for that.

18. Our food courts win 10 times out of 10. We don’t gain the “freshman 15” thanks to our new $100 million dollar, 450,000 square feet rec sports facility.

19. How can we be your “little brother” when we are 78-32 against you in football and 113-88 against you in basketball?

20. This.

Written by Martina Snemis & Jeremy Anderson, contributing writers for 10Worthy attending Purdue University.

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