Your Fool Proof Guide to College Theme Parties

College is one of the only times during your life—excluding Halloween of course—where theme parties are the norm. Something about dressing up for a ridiculous theme just makes everything more fun. Theme parties are great because you can ball on that college budget, but it can definitely be a pain to assemble your costume. Here’s a little guide to kill it at every theme party:

• Toga Party

The classic toga party…make your way to the nearest hobby lobby and find a fabric you like (if you’re planning on wearing just the toga, make sure it isn’t too sheer because every smart girl knows to leave at least a little to the imagination). Buy 2-2.5 yards of said fabric. Buy some sort of cool looking rope (i.e.-metallic) and safety pins to help secure your toga. Starting with one end of the fabric under your arm (see also: how you wear a bath towel), have a friend help you wrap and secure toga. Boom.


• High School Stereotypes

Nothing like getting to college and finally being able to make fun of all the high school stereotypes you helped perpetuate. It’s easy to find someone you know who was a cheerleader and likely still has her uniform from the glory days. Surely, she would be more than happy to lend you, but it could be way more fun to do something ridiculous like goth or nerd. Unless of course, you were goth or nerd in high school. Pile on that black eye makeup or grab a cheap pair of fake glasses from Claire’s and you’re set. You can finally carry through with your lifelong fantasy of hooking up with the jock.


• America

The only thing you should try to be doing at this kind of theme party is outdoing the rest of the party’s patriotism. You can never wear too much red, white and blue. Nothing is more American than getting star spangled hammered. Bonus points for wearing a green toga and looking like Lady Liberty. Seeing as America is the greatest country in the world, most Around the World parties turn into this, so you’re also set for when those roll around.


• Hawaiian

Any party that lets everyone show off their beachwear is the party for me. Bikinis, coconut bras, leis, speedos, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts are all a must. Throw on some floaties or a tube to stand out from the crowd. Plus, beach parties are just about the only excuse you’ll get to wear sunglasses at night without looking like a douche. No need for sunscreen and towels at this beach.


• Anything But Clothes

ABC parties allow you to bring out your inner Gaga. Creativity is key here. Caution tape is the usual go-to, but you’ll stand out if you try to get creative here. Ideas include: giftwrap, candy wrappers (just don’t eat all that candy), decks of cards, and tulle. Don’t try to tackle anything that’s too project runway, but this theme is pretty easy with some duct tape and a little bit of creativity. It’s also probably not going to survive more than one night, so don’t put actual money into this. You can always grab a few extra school newspapers…


• CEOs and Office Hoes

Time to get some use out of the business casual you had to get for that one business class freshman year. Plus who doesn’t love a frat boy in a good bow tie? Pencil skirts are already sexy, so just throw on a blazer (shirt optional) and you’re set. Button up shirts are also easy to throw on for these. Make sure to thank your parents for the clothes you thought you’d never wear.


• Rave

Neon. Face paint. Glow sticks (just don’t get them in your mouth, it burns). Raves get hot, so the less clothes, the better.


• Jersey

Welcome to Jersday, the best day of the week. Try to not be like the rest of the crowd by wearing a jersey from your own school and instead, take advantage of your chance to show a little hometown pride. Throw on your favorite team and fight about how much you hate LeBron. This is also an excellent excuse to ask that hawtie you’ve had your eye on to borrow his PG jersey.


• White Trash Bash

Wal-Mart is basically a godsend. You can get an entire outfit for less than ten dollars and look absolutely great (horrible?). Plus you can wear anything red, white and blue and be set. Embrace your inner hick and pick up that mesh trucker hat you’ve wanted since you saw Ashton Kutcher wearing one in 2003.


• Wear What You Drink

Similar to ABC, but the materials are more specific. Whether you drink blood, natty light, or franzia, there’s an outfit for you. It’s not difficult to piece together an outfit from an empty beer case, so this one should cost you next to nothing. This theme is great because it tends to get forgotten, so it’s fun to be able to not have to break out the classic toga again.


Whether it’s the stereotypical toga party you see in all the movies about college or the obscure party you’ve never been to, theme parties are great. You get to pretend it’s Halloween for a night, and who doesn’t love that? Throw aside your crop tops and shame for the night and tape together your costume.

Claire Hitchins is a contributing writer for 10Worthy attending Indiana University.

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