Best Ohio State Bars To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

An individual took to Reddit to find out the best bars for a 21st birthday party at Ohio State. Here were the recommendations.

Ohio State 21st 750

11. Skullys: Well, Skullys is just Skullys.

10. Chumleys: gives you a free schooner on your 21st so it might be worth a stop.

9. Seventh Son at 4th & 4th: It’s a personal favorite of mine. Great beer, low key atmosphere, great service.

8. Too’s: Ask for Tidal Wave shot, you can thank me later.

7. R Bar: A lot of fun and it’s downtown. Make sure you select a good friend to be your DD.

6. Barrel 44: Chill-atmosphere whiskey bar.

5. Surly Girl: Closing soon, but still worth a stop by.

4. Bodega: They have 40+ Taps of Craft Brews.

3. 16 Bit:Always fun but crowded. Then when you get hungry go next door to Dirty Frank’s for food and more alcohol.

2. Big Bang, Brothers, and Gaswerks: Really fun unless you’re NOT into large crowds.

1. Out-R-Inn: Buy one of their 22oz neon mugs and they’ll refill it for you for $1.75. All. Night. Long.

h/t Reddit/r/OSU

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