15 Signs You’re The Dad of the Friend Group


1) It’s always assumed you’re the one driving

2) You’re the one ordering beer/whiskey while your friends are drinking frilly, pink drinks

3) You can’t figure out how your friends manage to go out in heels and not fall down three flights of stairs

4) Your friends are always telling you to dress a little more girly

5) Everyone goes to you for tough love

6) You don’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity for a dad joke (You’re hungry? Nice to meet you, I’m dad)

7) Your friends all order salads while you’re chowing down on wings


8) You’re the one hosting the Super Bowl party

9) You wear men’s deodorant (and may or may not use men’s razors)

10) You don’t hesitate to negotiate

11) You’re a dog person

12) You’ve always been into the dad bod


13) Rompers are the best thing to happen to you because you don’t have to remember to sit ladylike

14) You’ve become a pro at peeing while standing because of port o pottys during tailgates and at frat bathrooms

15) You cuss like a sailor

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