STUDY: How to Make Her Orgasm, “The Golden Trio”

Indiana University figured out how to all-but-guarantee a woman’s orgasm in an effort to improve the lives of its thousands of sexually frustrated students.

Okay, so that’s not exactly how it went down. But Indiana University did team up with Chapman University to conduct a survey on the sex lives of over 50,000 people. Their conclusion? Three things are all you need, and sorry, guys, no penetration required.

It’s as simple as..

1. Genital stimulation

You know, the clitoris? that thing people always joke about finding? f***ing find it.

2. Oral sex

She probably gave you head, and you should definitely return the favor.

3. Deep kissing

If this is news to you, you’ve probably compared boobs to a bag of sand.


[H/T: The Guardian]

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