Looks Like Ohio State is Ready for Another Year of Domination

Ohio State is looking pretty hyped for the upcoming football season.

OSU did not disappoint last year.  Over twelve games, they scored a whopping 415 points, outscoring their opponents by a margin that I don’t even feel like doing the math for. That comes out to about 35 ppg. It’s nothing to scoff at, by any means, especially considering the embarrassing 31-0 shutout they endured against Clemson in the playoffs.

Anonymous sources* have told us that the players responded very well to private counseling offered by The University in the wake of that loss. We were told the players meet daily for a quiet prayer and meditation session before workouts in mental and physical preparation geared entirely towards avoiding a car-wreck of a season finale like last year.


*10worthy did not actually consult any anonymous sources at The Ohio State University




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