So, you want to write for us?

Show us what you’ve got! If you’re funny, creative, or just bored and want a little extra money, writing for 10Worthy is a great option. We think we’re pretty fun to work with


What’s expected of writers?

We aren’t asking much of you. The only two requirements are that you create original content and utilize social media to gain exposure for your authored posts.

What you write about is entirely up to you: humor, lists, opinions, videos, and photo galleries are all acceptable.

Make sure that your work embraces your school, frat or sorority, or college life in general.

Be creative.


What should you expect?

While we wish we could publish every article submitted, not everything will make the cut and sometimes edits will be made before publishing.

Authors are paid for each article published.

You are guaranteed to get full credit for all articles that we publish, with your name as the Author and an optional photo. There will be no ambiguity on who wrote it.

Tens of thousands of people will be exposed to your article. This is a great opportunity to utilize your creativity and writing skills for real-world experience.


If you are interested, please send the following to with ‘10Worthy Writer’ as the subject line:

1. Full Name

2. School (current or alma mater)

3. Current grade or graduation year

4. Your Major

5. Your Twitter & IG Account